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Principled and able to adapt as a publishing company that is innovative, responsive and religious in educating mankind.


1. Assisting literacy activists, teachers and academics in the process of implementing the Tri Dharma of Higher Education in the Field of Procurement, Publishing, and Printing of scientific papers.
2. Providing quality infrastructure and educational books that are needed by the community.
3. Creating Job Opportunities For skilled professionals, having good morals and prioritizing common interests, and having a knight spirit.
4. Optimally utilize all the facilities, support, and networks owned. Which includes elements of the government, foundations, institutions, as well as the private sector in an honest, transparent and accountable manner in order to realize the mutually agreed noble goals.


1. Provide reference books for learning and lectures for all students, students as well as teachers and lecturers.
2. Opening opportunities in publishing their best works and documenting knowledge and experiences for all teachers and lecturers.
3. Create a new company from intellectual property, technology, culture, and nature.
4. Welfare of Stakeholders and Shareholders creatively, innovatively, fairly, and proportionally.

Direction Team

Know yourself as virtuous, have integrity and maturity, and be able to answer a question "What is my duty and role as a human being that God has given me while living in this world?" There is no other thing that is no exception, namely only to worship Him alone.
Z. Abidin
Direktur/ Editor in chief
Adding value is useful for everything we do for ourselves, others, and the company. Always creative and innovative in personal and professional life
U. Arifin
Div. Umum
Learners who are dynamic, move quickly, start first, and have the principle of never failing to succeed.
M. Utomo
Div. Marketing
Always eager to share knowledge, skills, and useful experiences with everyone. Career with the intention to learn and realize personal and company goals. Dare to act real, open, and always communicate intensively with colleagues and leaders
Alif W.S.A
Div. Redaktur

Editorial Team

CONTACT PERSON@haeran; 081374957177
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Customer Service

CONTACT PERSON@riska; 082185608124
Riska P.
CONTACT PERSON@fwati; 082312326112
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Witri P.
CONTACT PERSON@ratih; 085379347161
Ratih M.


I personally feel the problem of the ISBN issuance process which is very responsive and fast. hopefully all affairs in developing science and technology will be carried out through zabags qu publish
Lisa Apriliani
zabags qu publish is very suitable for young literate people to publish their work easily to share, namely the e_book publishing program.
Nur Faiza
At zabags qu publish the process of publishing electronic and printed books with ISBN can support the learning process of our students.
Salsabila NH
The publishing package program at zabags qu publish is very affordable for novice writers like me. Of course the process is very easy and satisfying. Thank you zabag qu publish.
M. Syukri

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